Sunday, May 30, 2010


While eating lunch today at one of our favorites, El Pobre . . . all we heard was aaaaaaa, whimper, sniff, whimper, sniff, aaaaaaaa, sniff, etc. Oh, yes and all I could do was look at Scott and say, REALLY? We are wanting to have one of THOSE! One of those is I know you have already guessed . . . a baby. While the screaming and crying continued the parents were trying to calm the child down, but baby does what baby wants! SOOOOO, I looked at Scott and he just said (very loudly . . . sometimes he doesn't know how to lower his voice) "CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT AT 3AM?" At first I just said, "SCOTT THAT WAS LOUD . . . SHHHHH!", then just laughed because that is true! We want the good, bad, and ugly of raising a child! Today was a touch of daily life and the battles we will have to face as parents. Parenting has been a topic we talk about almost everyday . . . the important role that parents hold! Gosh, overwhelming! Raising children to some is just getting by . . . making sure they have food, clothes, and a place to live, but to us it is so much more! Raising children to become productive, successful, respectful, trustworthy, Godly (first!), understanding, forgiving, loving, and so much more! Giving the children their foundation of faith and don't get me started about that! On my soap many people expect the church to teach their children about Jesus, the Bible, how to have a relationship w/Christ etc., but NO! that is not the church's job at all! The church didn't have the child and will not be there the child's entire life. Parents be the ones to give teach and guide your children to Christ! OFF THE BOX! LOL! SOOOOOO, all that said . . . excited about one day becoming parents! Not pregnant yet, but praying for God's timing and hand in "it" all! My goal, to be an example of Christ to my children and for them to want to know God more because of my living example every minute of every day!


  1. Even after you have kids you still have those moments. I told my husband there was a baby screaming in the g store when my son and I were there. I told him that after being briefly judgmental I became filled with compassion because it could have been my kid. At that age something is really bothering them, they're not screaming for the heck of it and mom was doing all she could. Thank God she had help, so her older son took the baby outside so she could finish her shopping. It could have been mine and I would hope people wouldn't bet too freaked out. Now, when you are flying... all you can do is pray :)

  2. I know! I always say a little prayer for the parents of a child who is crying and screaming and not stopping. It has to be difficult and I know the parents in El Pobre were just trying to make the child stop, but she wasn't having it! One day I will have the child crying or acting out and praying to God that other people will just ignore us! :-)