Wednesday, April 28, 2010

conceptionmoon and thoughts

Yea . . . I said it, conceptionmoon! I wouldn't try saying that 3x fast! It is a new idea for couples wanting to have a baby. It is a little vacation couples take during ovulation time. Conception is difficult and being in my third month of trying I am looking for different ideas to try. We are trying to find somewhere to go and have a conceptionmoon! We do not want to travel far so the beach is out, but Charlotte, Atlanta, and Greenville are romantic and we like cities... God has opened the door of our hearts and we are waiting on Him! Even if we don't conceive on our conceptionmoon we will enjoy our weekend together. If you have any ideas for places to go and stay . . . let us know!
Why is it when people who want babies, have to wait! Then you have people who DON'T want babies, get babies! Yuck. . . makes me sad for all the people wanting to be parents. . . you know who you are ;) . So let's pray for all the people wanting babies!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Everywhere I go there are pregnant women and babies . . . that has me stomping around huffing and puffing! The patient thing has been difficult! We were in Wal-Mart this weekend and I probably passed 4 thousand pregnant women who looked so cute with their bellies and glow. I know it takes time, but my gosh why can I not stop thinking about getting pregnant. Praying for peace and God's timing! :)

Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

This past weekend I went to a children's consignment event called Duck, Duck, Goose! It was so fun looking at cute clothes, toys, books, etc. We bought a couple things that will come in handy one day. Pics offline to show what we bought . . .

Normal price is around $30, I paid $5

Infantino baby carrier- Different look, but same style

Great Book! Normal price $13 I paid $5
JJ Cole Diaper and wipes "pod" (w/changing pad) regular price $16 paid $8! This style and looks brand new!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I patient!"

About 6 months ago I was cooking breakfast for my niece Gianna (when she was 2) and she was letting me know that I should hurry because she was hungry. As I was frying up some eggs I said, "Gianna be patient." She in return said, "I patient" (in her cute, princess voice). I couldn't stop laughing and she kept repeating herself . When we ask her if she is patient she will respond with, "I patient". Gosh, it made my day and well still makes me laugh! My sister Shannon loves that her daughter says, "I patient". Well, I guess you see where I am going with this story! This morning Scott said..."are you patient?" and I responded, "I patient!". Spring break has been difficult. . . I have a lot of time to think and that is not good! Every "symptom" I have is being watched closely and then googled to see if I could be pregnant. . . gosh! I am not that lucky, but it would be awesome. Plus google . . . what am I thinking! Please pray that I will be patient! Will keep you updated on my patience. :)
Halloween . . . dressed up as a princess

Sunday, April 11, 2010

cute stuff from a great website!

Vintage headband...great for pics!
Scott loves elephants!

A little man!

Easter Sunday...too cute!


Love mom and I could make this!

So funny! Scott loved this one.

Girly and cute! can get 0-3 months in this!

Found one of the greatest sites a few weeks ago and I have loved exploring the wide range of handmade items available. If you like to shop online, you will like looking at everything this site has to offer. From jewlery to baby this is a site about my baby fever so I am going to show you a few things I love! Have a few hundred more things I could have posted, but here is just a taste. website Happy looking!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

waiting on the world to change . . .

The world will change when we have a baby, and we are waiting on that moment! Not really sure how to write this post, but feel the need to talk about it :). While Scott watches tv . . . I prop my legs up. One of the many tips that I found in books and on the internet. . . prop legs up for 20-30 minutes or as I like to call it "elevated time". One of the tips I am taking and it is funny what I think about during the 20-30 minutes of "elevated time". Of course I am thinking, God you are in control, what if I get pregnant, hmmmm I would like a glass of organic milk (which always leads to, "Scott, can I have some milk?"), counting down to the time of the month (time to take a pregnancy test), etc. Some people have told me to not feel pressured and when trying to conceive make it like any other time. Gravity may help us in the process and that is great! I stopped taking the pill a month and a half ago and know it can take up to a year to become preggo so we will wait on God.

Monday, April 5, 2010

silly mom

This weekend we went to visit our family down in South Carolina. It was a very wild, fun time and we celebrated soooo much! So a funny story about my mom . . .
Normally my mom and I talk on the phone at least once a day, but last week was crazy busy so I was unable to call my mom like usual. On Friday night when Scott and I arrived to my parents house my wonderful sisters and their families showed up! It was great getting to spend time with everybody ( my oldest niece Allyssa wasn't there). We were ready to eat so we decided to go to Old McDonald's Fish Camp (small town favorite). The restaurant has the best grits and hush puppies! Scott asked the kids to slide to the end of the table so all the adults could sit together. Then the yakking began . . . while Scott was telling my mom something she decided to pay attention to something else (she is ADD :) ) and Scott said, "We are pregnant!". Mom heard that and started freaking out ! Scott was just trying to get her attention. Then she told us that she had thought all week that we were pregnant. . . just because we didn't talk everyday and we asked the kids to slide down. My gosh mom! No not yet! I told my mom that we already have it planned out how we are telling everyone and this is not how we would tell all! Not a very special way and I am more creative than just sitting in a restaurant with stuffed peacocks hanging from the rafters saying with fish in my teeth...I'm! Now that is a southern way to share amazing news! My mom is so cute! I love her so much and I can't wait to tell her when I am pregnant!