Sunday, May 30, 2010


While eating lunch today at one of our favorites, El Pobre . . . all we heard was aaaaaaa, whimper, sniff, whimper, sniff, aaaaaaaa, sniff, etc. Oh, yes and all I could do was look at Scott and say, REALLY? We are wanting to have one of THOSE! One of those is I know you have already guessed . . . a baby. While the screaming and crying continued the parents were trying to calm the child down, but baby does what baby wants! SOOOOO, I looked at Scott and he just said (very loudly . . . sometimes he doesn't know how to lower his voice) "CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT AT 3AM?" At first I just said, "SCOTT THAT WAS LOUD . . . SHHHHH!", then just laughed because that is true! We want the good, bad, and ugly of raising a child! Today was a touch of daily life and the battles we will have to face as parents. Parenting has been a topic we talk about almost everyday . . . the important role that parents hold! Gosh, overwhelming! Raising children to some is just getting by . . . making sure they have food, clothes, and a place to live, but to us it is so much more! Raising children to become productive, successful, respectful, trustworthy, Godly (first!), understanding, forgiving, loving, and so much more! Giving the children their foundation of faith and don't get me started about that! On my soap many people expect the church to teach their children about Jesus, the Bible, how to have a relationship w/Christ etc., but NO! that is not the church's job at all! The church didn't have the child and will not be there the child's entire life. Parents be the ones to give teach and guide your children to Christ! OFF THE BOX! LOL! SOOOOOO, all that said . . . excited about one day becoming parents! Not pregnant yet, but praying for God's timing and hand in "it" all! My goal, to be an example of Christ to my children and for them to want to know God more because of my living example every minute of every day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being sick and being a mom . . .

I have strep and I'm wondering. . . how in the world do all the moms handle being sick!?! I haven't even had enough strength to sit up until today and that is because the meds I am on, but what if there was a baby in the mix! Wow, I have to say I don't really remember my mom being sick that much, but I know she was at some point. It has to be difficult, but God gives strength to moms when they are sick. My mom is the strongest woman I know and I have learned a lot from her strength and sacrificial heart. She has always put me and my sisters first without a glance back. When I become a mom I want to be like her, especially the way she loved and cared for us even when she was sick, having a bad day, or stressed. I know Scott will be an amazing father when I am sick, because he does so well taking care of me now. He already told me he would whisk the kids away to another place or lock me up in our bedroom. I think that sounds great and I know it won't happen every time, but am glad he already has thought about taking care of me . . . best hubby in the world! I think it is funny how moms will be running around keeping the family going while they are sick, but once anyone is sick in the family the mom drops all she does to care for the sickling. You know they are good mom if they drop all for their child. Forgive this blog . . . I am on some medication and this is the longest I have stayed awake.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

God is amazing!

Just thinking on the greatness of God right now! He is bigger than all my troubles and fears . . . surrounds me with his grace and love . . . is my protector and provider . . . etc!!! Scott and I live 3 1/2 hours away from our parents and siblings and it has been difficult. For 6 years now we have lived in the mountains and it is a dream come true. Driving to work everyday is a time to praise God and His creation! From the fallen snow to beautiful fall colored trees it is gorgeous here!
Our family has loved joining us in this journey of becoming pregnant. . . they are praying right along with us for God's timing. Some people blog about loosing weight, raising children, planning a wedding, the adoption process, but I wanted to share this time with my family and friends. It would be difficult to keep my excitement in, because having children is the biggest dream I have ever had! Like I told my mom, "I can't contain how excited I am about this process!" I am thankful for all the prayers and support shown! Thank you! Nothing on here is ever meant to be crude or distasteful, but real and honest! God has opened the door for other "future moms to be" to open up and discuss their aggravation, heartache, etc. when trying to conceive. Hopefully, I am helping or encouraging someone! :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

wait . . . wait . . . wait!!!

When trying to conceive a child your calender changes and it becomes all about your cycle and ovulation. Timing is everything! Some people have said to try taking and tracking my temp. and I think I will start next month. The ovulation sticks did work, when I was ovulating. The sticks are confusing because the two lines you have to go by are a little difficult to read, but when my LH levels were higher (ovulating) I could tell a huge difference. The most annoying time is after ovulation and the two week wait until pregnancy test/time of the month. With every symptom I am thinking . . . hmmmm... am I preggo. This time I am focusing on just taking care of myself and being less stressed. During the two weeks after ovulation . . . I am looking for signs that the egg has implanted. TMI, but true! I have read so much about the first month of pregnancy and the early signs of pregnancy. but the most wonderful information I have read is how the baby forms within the first few weeks...God is incredible! Sorry . . . I am all over the place! Wishing I was better as this waiting game, but know God is in control!

It was funny, one of my sisters hadn't read my blog yet because her computer is on the fritz, but she read it yesterday and looked at me and said, "You REALLY have baby fever. . . you want a baby." I said yes, hence the name of the blog! :-) She is excited and happy about me one day becoming a mommy. My family is amazing...they bring joy and drama to my life and I love them for who they are! My mom is a strong woman who has dealt with awful people in her life, but has moved forward and given us an example of a mom who sacrifices, loves, and prays for her children. My oldest sister Jamie has three girls and is a mom who loves her children and supports them with everything they do in life. My little sister has a little girl and boy and is the newest mom in our fam. She has fun with her children and gives them all she has . . . it is beautiful to see! I have wonderful mom examples in my life and can't wait to join them in this journey!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ovulation where are you . . .

Ovulation test- looks like a pregnant test and the process is the same. So . . . this is new and interesting to me. We are in our third month of trying and we are glad to be almost at the three month mark. We are now in a safe zone for getting pregnant! We are still figuring out ovulation, and decided to use the daily ovulation test. I had a wonderful friend tell me about them, but didn't know if she liked them yet. Day 3 of using them and I think ovulation is near, but the line was not dark enough! SOOOOO . . . I don't know if they really work, and they are pricey! I hope I am ovulating sooner than later! :) Figuring out my body has been difficult, but I have enjoyed slowing down to "read" myself. I am keeping a journal tracking how I feel, etc. God has given me a peace about becoming pregnant. The baby will be made when God creates him/her. How exciting! Hehe. . . I think I will be one of the most excited pregnant people in the world!