Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bring Your Own Gown . . .

Okay, so this is just a silly something and nothing of really any importance! Watching the baby story has become one of my normal routines and I enjoy learning about the little families. It is great watching couples become parents for the first time and parents of several children adding another one to the bunch! You learn that labor and pregnancy is very different for each person, it can be easy or horrible, but either way the end result is amazing! My favorite part is watching the mom's and dad's face. . . what a beautiful experience. Getting back to the title. . . Bring your own gown . . . I saw it on the baby story. So, the background is finished! There was this mommy to be who took her own hospital gown to the hospital and it was cute! She had ordered it offline and called the hospital to ask if it was okay to bring her own. I was curious about BYOG (bring your own gown) and decided to do a little research myself. So, here are a couple websites and pictures. What do you think??? Would you BYOG???


  1. Heck yes! That's a lot prettier than the hospital gowns. However... the first ones would be out the window because $95 seems a bit ummm... crazy? But the $30 ones. Hey- it's not a necessity, but it's neat! And I have a feeling that during those moments... you might just need something to make you feel a little pretty!

  2. these are gorgeous! After I was done with labor and delivery I put on my own stuff. When we got there I thought it was easier to let them do the laundry for me. Your own gown also looks awesome in hospital pictures :)

  3. Yea, Susan I think the $95 ones are too much, but they are cute. I would buy the $30 . . . cute in pics and would make you feel better. I am a girly girl, too. Cintia I did think about the laundry issue. Thanks girls for your input. . . two posts on facebook said no. . . so I have 50/50. I still have to get pregnant and then have 9 months after that! :-)