Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ovulation where are you . . .

Ovulation test- looks like a pregnant test and the process is the same. So . . . this is new and interesting to me. We are in our third month of trying and we are glad to be almost at the three month mark. We are now in a safe zone for getting pregnant! We are still figuring out ovulation, and decided to use the daily ovulation test. I had a wonderful friend tell me about them, but didn't know if she liked them yet. Day 3 of using them and I think ovulation is near, but the line was not dark enough! SOOOOO . . . I don't know if they really work, and they are pricey! I hope I am ovulating sooner than later! :) Figuring out my body has been difficult, but I have enjoyed slowing down to "read" myself. I am keeping a journal tracking how I feel, etc. God has given me a peace about becoming pregnant. The baby will be made when God creates him/her. How exciting! Hehe. . . I think I will be one of the most excited pregnant people in the world!


  1. It is confusing about the line being dark enough!! I could never exactly tell!! Loveya!

  2. I strongly recommend the Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Predictor kits. Those show a smiley face if an LH surge (ovulation) is present and a hollow circle if not. Much better than having to determine if the line is dark enough. :) I am really enjoying your blog Kristie! My husband and I are also trying to get pregnant....we are taking Clomid because I have PCOS and we are doing the ovulation predictor kit as well.