Monday, May 10, 2010

wait . . . wait . . . wait!!!

When trying to conceive a child your calender changes and it becomes all about your cycle and ovulation. Timing is everything! Some people have said to try taking and tracking my temp. and I think I will start next month. The ovulation sticks did work, when I was ovulating. The sticks are confusing because the two lines you have to go by are a little difficult to read, but when my LH levels were higher (ovulating) I could tell a huge difference. The most annoying time is after ovulation and the two week wait until pregnancy test/time of the month. With every symptom I am thinking . . . hmmmm... am I preggo. This time I am focusing on just taking care of myself and being less stressed. During the two weeks after ovulation . . . I am looking for signs that the egg has implanted. TMI, but true! I have read so much about the first month of pregnancy and the early signs of pregnancy. but the most wonderful information I have read is how the baby forms within the first few weeks...God is incredible! Sorry . . . I am all over the place! Wishing I was better as this waiting game, but know God is in control!

It was funny, one of my sisters hadn't read my blog yet because her computer is on the fritz, but she read it yesterday and looked at me and said, "You REALLY have baby fever. . . you want a baby." I said yes, hence the name of the blog! :-) She is excited and happy about me one day becoming a mommy. My family is amazing...they bring joy and drama to my life and I love them for who they are! My mom is a strong woman who has dealt with awful people in her life, but has moved forward and given us an example of a mom who sacrifices, loves, and prays for her children. My oldest sister Jamie has three girls and is a mom who loves her children and supports them with everything they do in life. My little sister has a little girl and boy and is the newest mom in our fam. She has fun with her children and gives them all she has . . . it is beautiful to see! I have wonderful mom examples in my life and can't wait to join them in this journey!


  1. Pregnancy is something that is suppose to be blessed by God and unexpected between man and woman (not shared publically for everyone to see and discuss!). It is something that is not rushed or figured out by a ovulation kit. Pregnancy is the easy part. After Pregnancy a life comes into the world and that is when everything begins. You can no longer think of yourself (or hardly anybody) as far as that goes. It will be all about your baby. You have another life to take care of 24/7. You do not have time to be sick, tired, busy or hardly anything else starting out. It is a joy but also a big responsiblity. Let time decide what needs to happen and keep it personal!

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