Monday, September 13, 2010


So, I still haven't been to the gym . . . YUCK! I am trying to get there and my "start" date is this Wednesday, Sept. 15th. I think I can, I think I can!!! I need some encouragement and someone to kick my butt! LOL!!! With my eating . . . breakfast and lunch are right on track, along with most dinners, but some dinners not so much. SOOOOOOOOO, time to get my dinners back to where they should be, if it wasn't for my skinny husband who can eat whatever! I can't blame him! LOL! Well, kind of! (It is all his fault!) So, say a little prayer for me!

Two week wait is here! LOVELY!!! Waiting on the answer to the test. . . will know sooner than later! I am guessing no, but hoping yes! By the way do you know how many people are pregnant!!! Everyday I get on Facebook to find ANOTHER friend pregnant! REALLY? And I don't like when they say . . . "Oh, it was a surprise, we weren't even trying!" and the only word I can say again is REALLY??? But God is the One in charge and well, I am just waiting for His timing. I am not upset with those people, just a little like, WHAT? and my other favorite REALLY???. What is funny is that I will make this silly, whiny noise when I find out someone is pregnant and Scott says, "Whose pregnant?" LOL! I am thrilled other people are getting pregnant . . . at least someone is getting pregnant! :-) So watch out it might just be you next!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yes, exhausted is my word for the week! That is how I have felt for the past ohhhhh. . . 3 weeks. Getting back into the swing of things has been difficult. Paperwork, meetings, lesson plans, emails, and everything that comes with teaching is a lot. Teachers don't leave at 3:30 it is impossible! I am usually out by 5, but lately it has been later than that . . . IF I had a baby I would leave by 4ish, but would love to stay home, that is my DREAM! Well, I don't know if I could make it . . . I love being a teacher and I am not one to stay at home, it makes me crazy over the summer. Soooooo, that is a battle I have with myself every once in a while. I will have to deal with that later and things can change!
Going back to exhausted . . . I was working out in the mornings, but I am so tired and having a difficult time getting up at 4:30. The 4:30 wake up time hasn't happen yet, but am working to it. I am LESS likely to workout in the afternoons, so the mornings are better for me. Even though I am not much of a morning person, I feel better all day after going to the gym. I have got to get up!!! It is my goal to try at least 3 mornings next week. 4:30 is early, but devotion, working out, and getting ready takes a while! I have even typed up a "Morning Schedule", OF COURSE I DID THAT. . . LOL! That is my OCD kicking in . . . :-) Why am I talking about this? I am talking about working out because I need it and love the way I feel after I workout, and because when trying to conceive working out is helpful! Even though I am tired I am soooooo happy! I love what I do and couldn't imagine being anything else, but a teacher! It is funny, crazy, scary, hard work, and VERY rewarding. It doesn't hurt that I work with amazing, fun people!
It is a hodge podge I know, but it is what is on my mind! :-)