Friday, July 30, 2010


I have had tons of conversations with "trying" couples and all of them had or are having a difficult time getting pregnant. Why is this not talked about more? It would be nice if all knew it is harder getting pregnant for some people. Some couples get pregnant by just looking at each other and there is a group of triers that have to track, use ovulation kits, prop legs up, take meds., give self shots, etc. :) I am not upset with people who get pregnant easily . . . God's timing is perfect! Just wondering why isn't it me???
Well, an update is needed . . . it has been a month since I posted something...I had to go through a difficult time with God and my husband before sharing it on the blog. I was actually 38 days late! My friend showed up on Monday. I was mistaken before and even went to the doctor after our vacation. I did the pee and blood test. My nurse was amazing and was so excited because at that time I was over 2 wks. late. She was jumping up and down before the test results came back...not good for me. When she walked in the room with the big fat negative, I was alright, but worried about my body! What is going on? I had never been later, EVER! I decided I would wait and after 38 frustrating days I started. Hopefully the lateness was just stress and not the sign of unreliable lady parts. LOL, I said lady parts.
SOOOO here we go! Just keep praying! I have a little group of friends I am praying for. . . maybe I should start a little support prayer/Bible study group! We need to support each other!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

She's here!

So after the two week wait . . . my monthly friend came. SSSSSooooooo, now starting the fifth month of trying. Here we go!

"But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience."
~Romans 8:25

Trusting God!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Difficult . . .

I have written several posts lately, but never published them. . . The past couple of weeks have been difficult. I have this blog to help me through this process, but have went into my shell! After several self talks I decided to write this to LET IT OUT! :-) On my birthday my monthly friend was due and well she never showed up. I felt like she was coming because of my cramps, bloating, and nausea. . . but no. She has always shown up on time and when she didn't, I thought. . . I am pregnant! After a week of hpt (home pregnancy test) and nothing but negative, I made an appointment to go see the doctor. They did another test, and NEGATIVE! My doc walked in the room where I waited anxiously for the answer, but was disappointed when I heard the news. I held up well until she started talking more about conception, and the waterworks started! I am such a girl! LOL! After the awful appointment I called my husband who had his hopes up . . . I asked for some time to let it soak in. The morning of the appointment I gave it to God and said if you don't want me to have a baby yet, I understand. . . I really was much better than I thought I would be. So headed to the beach and STILL waiting on my friend to visit . . . almost 2 weeks late. No hpt this week. . . going to my fam doc for a blood test next week. Of course I have googled so much about this problem I am having, but only because I want an answer. I have read soooo many stories about hpt not working and body didn't ovulate so the friend didn't visit, etc. I stopped the google craze and moved to the Bible! Shouldn't go to the world for answers, but God! So, prayers are needed! By the way I will not be telling anyone till I am 10-12 weeks! I will let my family know and can't wait to say, I am pregnant!