Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being sick and being a mom . . .

I have strep and I'm wondering. . . how in the world do all the moms handle being sick!?! I haven't even had enough strength to sit up until today and that is because the meds I am on, but what if there was a baby in the mix! Wow, I have to say I don't really remember my mom being sick that much, but I know she was at some point. It has to be difficult, but God gives strength to moms when they are sick. My mom is the strongest woman I know and I have learned a lot from her strength and sacrificial heart. She has always put me and my sisters first without a glance back. When I become a mom I want to be like her, especially the way she loved and cared for us even when she was sick, having a bad day, or stressed. I know Scott will be an amazing father when I am sick, because he does so well taking care of me now. He already told me he would whisk the kids away to another place or lock me up in our bedroom. I think that sounds great and I know it won't happen every time, but am glad he already has thought about taking care of me . . . best hubby in the world! I think it is funny how moms will be running around keeping the family going while they are sick, but once anyone is sick in the family the mom drops all she does to care for the sickling. You know they are good mom if they drop all for their child. Forgive this blog . . . I am on some medication and this is the longest I have stayed awake.

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  1. hope you are feeling better! you are correct, God does give you strength and lots of helpers when you are sick and have little ones. He's a provider!