Wednesday, April 28, 2010

conceptionmoon and thoughts

Yea . . . I said it, conceptionmoon! I wouldn't try saying that 3x fast! It is a new idea for couples wanting to have a baby. It is a little vacation couples take during ovulation time. Conception is difficult and being in my third month of trying I am looking for different ideas to try. We are trying to find somewhere to go and have a conceptionmoon! We do not want to travel far so the beach is out, but Charlotte, Atlanta, and Greenville are romantic and we like cities... God has opened the door of our hearts and we are waiting on Him! Even if we don't conceive on our conceptionmoon we will enjoy our weekend together. If you have any ideas for places to go and stay . . . let us know!
Why is it when people who want babies, have to wait! Then you have people who DON'T want babies, get babies! Yuck. . . makes me sad for all the people wanting to be parents. . . you know who you are ;) . So let's pray for all the people wanting babies!

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