Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I patient!"

About 6 months ago I was cooking breakfast for my niece Gianna (when she was 2) and she was letting me know that I should hurry because she was hungry. As I was frying up some eggs I said, "Gianna be patient." She in return said, "I patient" (in her cute, princess voice). I couldn't stop laughing and she kept repeating herself . When we ask her if she is patient she will respond with, "I patient". Gosh, it made my day and well still makes me laugh! My sister Shannon loves that her daughter says, "I patient". Well, I guess you see where I am going with this story! This morning Scott said..."are you patient?" and I responded, "I patient!". Spring break has been difficult. . . I have a lot of time to think and that is not good! Every "symptom" I have is being watched closely and then googled to see if I could be pregnant. . . gosh! I am not that lucky, but it would be awesome. Plus google . . . what am I thinking! Please pray that I will be patient! Will keep you updated on my patience. :)
Halloween . . . dressed up as a princess