Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My husband . . .

God has truly blessed me with an amazing husband. Eleven years ago this summer Scott and I had our first date and he started the chase! Yea, I was one of those girls that played hard to get. I was 17 and just a girl. Scott and I became friends that summer and spent lots of time together. We were just friends, but he wanted more. He had tried to date me a couple years before that, but I had a boyfriend and didn't know Scott. For my birthday, 11years ago he bought me a pink beeper! LOL! Then I went out of town for a week with my youth group . . . camp at Myrtle Beach! I was a girl and well met a boy (not Scott), but it was just a week! After coming back I remember Scott trying even harder to become the boyfriend in my life, but I wasn't ready yet. After all the late night phone calls, hanging out, laughing, and flirting . . . I agreed to go watch fireworks with him on July 4th, but as friends. So, after Sunday night church we went to Sonic and Scott ordered something to eat, coney dog and large sweet tea. I stood by as he ordered and didn't order anything . . . this was a date and well our first one. I was giving him a chance, but he was sinking fast! He had $5 and bought himself dinner! I was not a happy girl! He did ask me if I was going to get anything and I said no. . . he had asked after eating some of his food. . . fast forward. . . while watching fireworks he tried to put his arms around me and I said, "excuse me . . . I don't want you to do that." When I got home I told my mom that it was not going to work out. . . I was going to just be his friend. After that night I decided to stand strong and let him know what I was looking for in a guy and he realized he had bombed our first date. In August he took me on our first real date to Red Lobster and a movie . . . MUCH BETTER! It was great and I started to really like him even more. Later that week after our first date . . . we had our first kiss in the church parking lot . . . where we said our, I do's and started officially "dating". All that said . . . LOL!

Life has changed so much since that summer 11 years ago! We have grown up so much and become each others everything! God has put us together and I couldn't ask for a better man to be married to. My parents told me what to find and I found it! He treats me like a princess . . . my dad says I am spoiled, but in a good way. Dad told me to find someone who treats me with respect, is kind, works hard in the home and out, mostly a Godly man, good with children, loves me for who I am. . . Scott in a nutshell! Scott and I communicate so well and love just sitting and talking. . . gosh I love him! We laugh A LOT, joke around, and enjoy being together.

I am so glad my mom started praying for my husband when I was a young girl! I will do the same when I have children. Why am I writing this? Scott is amazing! I love who he is and how much he loves God and other people. He is going to be an amazing father and he is very excited about trying to have a baby. Almost everyday he tells me how much he wants a baby and how excited he is that we are starting this process. He is so sweet :-) Our love grows everyday and I couldn't imagine my life without my best friend and love!

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