Monday, August 9, 2010

blood work . . .

Don't you just love getting your blood taken! Ummmm, NO! I have small, rolly veins and it has taken up to 6 sticks before being sent to the hospital to get my blood taken. SO, I am not a big fan and I am a big baby when it comes to needles, but I get it honest . . . thanks MOM! :-) What is funny, is that when my dad "retired" last summer he went to school to become a phlebotomist. The medical field has always been interesting to him, so he went to school and learned how to take blood. He is now working at Christ Medical Center in Augusta, GA where he has his own lab and well it is pretty cool! I am so very proud of him! While visiting the fam in June, my dad showed us the Medical Center and I decided that I wanted to give my dad the difficult task of taking my blood! He is great at everything he does, and he is my daddy so I trust him completely! :) By the way NO one else in my family has let dad take there blood...oops almost forgot, besides my hubby! I sat down and he got my blood on the first stick. . . he is good, I didn't feel it! I was very impressed! My mom on the other hand couldn't even watch . . . she can help people who pass out or have heart attacks, but someone getting their blood taken and she freaks. All that said . . .
I had a blood test done last week. . . fasting blood glucose and insulin ratio, I know a mouth full! It is a blood test my doctor suggested I have . . . having abnormal levels can mess up ovulation. So, this could be a sign of ovulation issues and that worried me. I didn't really think about it this weekend, but decided to call first thing Monday morning and come to find out my insulin levels are a-okay! I don't know about the other, but my hopes are up, because they play hand in hand.


  1. Pray that the other test comes back ok :)

  2. The other test came back NORMAL!!! Thank goodness! God is good!