Sunday, March 28, 2010

Information overload!

I have been reading books, websites, and blogs on how to get pregnant . . . so much information is out there! Can you believe they tell how you can choose the sex of your baby by the date (of ovulation cycle), moon phase, and position! I am leaving that all up to God! So, I won't be looking out at the moon to help me decide when to try! CRAZY! When did this get so complicated! We just want to have a baby . . . boy or girl! We have wanted children our entire married life of 6 years, but have prayed that God would open that door of our heart when He was ready. Now God has given us that desire and for the past few months I have went back and forth asking myself, take the pill don't take the pill? So, after the battle Scott and I just looked at each other and said, it is time! So, ever sense then I have been looking up and reading everything I can get my hands on. Milk is now organic, almost off of caffeine (whew, that was rough. . . I love me some Diet Coke!), Veg. fed chicken eggs, and taking folic acid. What you read can change you! I am trying to not eat or drink anything that is injected with hormones or sprayed with chemicals. Getting the body ready!

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  1. I completely understand about the 'battle' :) Paul and I keep pushing it back. We tried to set a concrete time (when Paul turned 30), but I was in grad school so it became when I got out, but then the a/c broke, etc...we've conceded, it has to be God's time!! Hope it's a great journey for you!